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Question : What is the company´s business?
Answer : Thai Airways International Public Company Limited is the national carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand. It operates domestic, regional and intercontinental air transport services with, its home base at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Question : What is the stock ticker and on which bourse are shares traded?
Answer : THAI´s shares are traded using the ticker "THAI" and its shares are traded only on the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Question : What is THAI´s dividend policy?
Answer : THAI´s dividend policy - a payout not less than 25% of profits before gain/loss on foreign currency exchange on the Company´s consolidated financial statements and is subject to consideration of future investment plans and other relevant factors.
Question : Which channels can shareholders, investors and stakeholders access THAI´s information?
Answer : Shareholders, investors and stakeholders can find company information via;
: Bloomberg (THAI:TB)
: Reuters (THAI.BK)
: Corporate website (
: IR Webpage (
: The Stock Exchange of Thailand (
: Annual report
: 56-1 Form
Question : Why THAI launched THAI Smile, although THAI has Nok Air as its subsidiary?
Answer : THAI´s decision to launch the new carrier is to enable THAI to offer a more comprehensive service encompassing a broader market while able to better control its operating cost and optimizing aircraft use for appropriate markets. THAI currently holds a 49% shareholding in Nok Air and Nok operates out of the old airport - Don Mueang and serves purely domestic destinations. Thai Smile, on the other hand, will be a light premium product - passengers are able to access THAI´s passenger lounges, accumulate points, book seats and have free baggage weight with base of operations being at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The new airline will serve both regional and key domestic destinations with a lower cost structure than that of THAI.
Question : What is the purpose for THAI to set up Wingspan?
Answer : Wingspan was launched with THAI holding 49% in the company and its sole purpose is to provide THAI with the required staffing to support its operations and to improve THAI´s cost effectiveness over the long run using a more cost competitive compensation structure that is at par with other private sector firms than that of THAI.
Question : How does THAI manage against fuel price fluctuation?
Answer : THAI has undertaken a number of collar-based fuel hedging contracts to better protect itself from fuel price fluctuation with various strike prices.
Question : What is Thai Airways policy on Good Corporate Governance?
Answer :

THAI is fully committed to the principles of good corporate governance to ensure long-term sustainable growth for the company.

THAI´s Good Corporate Governance Principles are :

  • Creation of Long Term Value
  • Ensuring Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Equitable Treatment
  • Ethics
Question : Who is THAI´s Registered Office
Answer : Thailand Securities Depository is THAI´s Register office where shareholders can find out for their own shares in details: Amount of shares, dividend payment, loss of securities certificates and changed address

Contact direct to:

Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd.
93 The Stock Exchange of Thailand Building, Ratchadaphisek Road,
Dindaeng, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Call center: 02-009-9999

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