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Company's Business

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, a state-owned enterprise under the administration of the Ministry of Transport, is the national carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand operating commercial flights domestically and internationally, and providing comprehensive air transport related services. The Company's operation is made up of its core airline business and business units supporting the core airline business.

Air Transport

Air Transport is THAI's main business which includes transport of passengers, cargo and mail on scheduled and chartered flights on THAI to domestic and international destinations.

Airline Related Businesses

The Company's business units are the crux supporting smooth operations of the air transport business working in sync to delivery the highest level of comfort, punctual and safe operations, and enhance overall customer confidence in THAI. THAI's airline related businesses includes:

Cargo and Mail Commercial
  • Cargo and mail reservation service
  • Space control and load planning for cargo, mail and baggage
  • Warehouse storage service
  • Cargo and mail condition inspection, sorting, weighing, transfer, loading and unloading services
  • Cargo and mail documentation service
  • Cargo and mail manifesting service
  • Compilation of shipment documents and submission of reports on inbound and outbound aircraft to the Customs Department
  • Cargo tracing service
  • Transfer of electronic information to customer airlines and overseas stations
  • Import and export statistics and data service
  • Unit load devices control service
  • Provide tracking information on package and cargo delivery via the internet (Track and Trace)
  • Perishable services area to ensure quality and freshness of cargo
  • Express Service Center
Ground Customer Services
  • Check-in services consist of ticket and travel document validation, issuance of boarding passes, checking for pre-requested as well as specific meal and/or special service requirements, together with luggage checking and weighing.
  • Lounge service includes THAI's First Class Lounge, Royal Silk Class Lounges provided for First and Business Class passengers, and Royal Orchid Plus Platinum and Gold members along with THAI's Royal Orchid Spa provided for First and Business Class passengers.
  • Baggage service involves tracing of missing luggage, repair or compensation for damaged or lost luggage along with luggage delivery in case of late luggage arrival.
  • Load Control and Weight Balance service consists of weight calculation planning, load control, and the loading and unloading of passenger luggage as well as cargo and mail.
  • Assistance provided for passengers with flight delays, particularly arranging alternate connecting flights to the final destination.
  • Special Services are for VIP, First Class and Business Class passengers, Platinum and Gold card members along with passengers with special needs such as elderly passengers, passengers under 12 years of age traveling alone, passengers with disabilities, and passengers traveling with medical certificate.
  • Non-Customer Airline services are rendered as per agreed terms for customers of banks and hotels including customer assistance, lounge service and other services.
  • Customer Airline services involve passenger and baggage service, load control and weight balance services along with lounge and special services as per the agreement.
Ground Equipment Services
  • Passenger and Crew Transport and Luggage Services
    • Transfer of passengers and crew between terminal and aircraft as well as loading, unloading, and transfer of passengers' baggage between the terminal and the aircraft by Ramp Bus.
  • Aircraft Services
    • Aircraft towing tractor service
    • Mobile ramp service for embarking and disembarking
    • Aircraft potable water service
    • Aircraft interior cleaning service
    • Aircraft air conditioning unit and ground power unit services
    • Aircraft hot air engine starter service
    • Cargo transfer between warehouse and aircraft
  • Maintenance Services
    • Periodic maintenance checks of ground equipment and vehicles
    • Container repair service according to international best practices
Catering Services
  • In-flight food and beverage service provided for THAI and customer airlines
  • Food and beverage service provided for THAI and customer airlines' lounges and THAI's intraorganizational meetings
  • In-flight food and beverage service provided for THAI and customer airlines along with restaurant and snack bar operations at Chiang Mai, Phuket, Chiang Rai, and Krabi Airports
  • Runs and operates the "Yellow Orchid" restaurant at THAI's Operations Center Building, Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • On and off premises banquet services
  • 27 "Puff & Pie" bakery outlets of which 21 are located in Bangkok and another 6 located in other provinces, operated in state owned facilities and 2 of those in non state owned facilities
  • Snack box and meal box services are rendered for special occasions, such as religious ceremonies, meetings, sport events, and exhibitions off premises.
  • Food service as staff's welfare at THAI's staff canteens at the Head Office, Crew Center and Operations Center Building at Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Preparation of frozen bread and bakery products exported and distributed to local and overseas customers.
  • Preparation and delivery of bread and bakery products distributed to 22 of THAI's "Puff & Pie Supreme Bakery Delight" shops operated by franchisees selected by THAI Catering Department
  • Preparation and distribution of "Euang Luang" branded products including Retort Pouch and beverages - mixed fruit juice, tamarind tea and drinking water
Technical Services
  • Technical, line and light maintenance services for aircraft in transit or on overnight stop at Suvarnabhumi Airport (24-hour service), Don Mueang Airport and other domestic and overseas airports
  • Heavy maintenance service (C and D-check) for Boeing aircraft (B747, B777, B737), Airbus aircraft (A300-600, A310, A330, and A340) and ATR-72 manufactured by Aerospatiale from France performed at the Don Mueang Maintenance Center in Bangkok and the U-Tapao Maintenance Center in Rayong
  • Cabin reconfiguration for B747-400, B777-200 and B777-300 aircraft undertaken at the Don Mueang Maintenance Center in Bangkok and at the U-Tapao Maintenance Center in Rayong
  • Maintenance service for General Electric CF6-80 and CF6-50 series and Rolls-Royce Trent-800 series engines including other aircraft equipment at the Don Mueang Maintenance Center in Bangkok
  • Maintenance service for aircraft of Thai and international customer airlines and aircraft belonging government agencies such as the Royal Thai Air Force and the Royal Thai Police Aviation Division
  • Component and accessory repair service for THAI owned aircraft and those of customer airlines at the Don Mueang Maintenance Center in Bangkok
  • Aircraft standard calibration and measurement service for complex electrical and mechanical test equipment of customer airlines, government agencies, state enterprises and local customers at the Don Mueang Maintenance Center in Bangkok
  • Aircraft washing and polishing service for THAI's owned fleet and those of customer airlines at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Samutprakarn
Airline Business Support Services

Airline Business Support Services consist of Dispatch Services, Duty Free Sales on Board, and THAI Shops.

  • Dispatch services involve flight planning and providing information about flight routes, weather conditions and related documents to ensure flight safety and the compliance with security standard practices for THAI flights and those of customer airlines.
  • Duty free sales on board provided by King Power Marketing and Management Co., Ltd., the concessionaire of in-flight duty free sales, from December 1, 2011 to November 30, 2014.
  • THAI SHOP is the Company's official merchandising store offering THAI branded souvenirs for purchase through its 6 branches at the Head Office, the Larn Luang Office, the Silom Office, the Chiang Mai Office, the Operation Center (OPC) at Suvarnabhumi Airport, and the Lak Si Office. THAI souvenirs are also available for purchase on the Company's website and other websites.