Mr. Ekniti Nitithanprapas

Mr. Sumeth Damrongchaitham


Thai Airways International PCL (THAI) strives to become the National Premium Airline by leveraging essential strategies of

  1. Aggressive Profit (proactive marketing at competitive costs)
  2. Business Portfolio (capacity upgrading and pursuit of business opportunities through the likes of aircraft maintenance, cargo terminal handling, and catering)
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Digital Technology
  5. Effective Human Capital Management

Properly executed, these strategies are bound to forge sustainable growth.

To achieve this goal, this year we remained committed to constantly improving our execution and services, particularly in our core air transport business, so that customers of each target group may feel the outstanding, exquisite flying experience blended with a touch of Thai under the Service from the Heart policy; so that our services may be filled with quality and convenience throughout our flights; and so that our competitiveness may grow and generate more profits. Concerning the management of business units and other business tasks, our policy is to add value, grow business opportunities, and seek profits for cargo terminal handling service, aircraft maintenance, and catering. These tasks were undertaken by either THAI or its joint ventures with public and private agencies here and abroad.

Thanks to the commitment of our workforce, this year THAI garnered acclaim from Skytrax, based on a survey of some 20.63 million travelers worldwide who used the world’s 335 airlines. We take exceptional pride in being named the World’s Best Economy Class airline (second straight year), the World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa (fourth straight year), and the Best Economy Class Onboard Catering (second straight year). Above all, we were ranked among the top 10 World’s Best Airlines 2018. These accolades speak volumes for our endeavor to become the National Premium Airline.

We are convinced that good governance and ethics are pivotal to THAI’s efforts to strengthen from the inside out and lead the corporation to sustainable growth. On behalf of the Board of Directors, management, and staff, may we assure you that each and every action we take will be with good governance, transparency, and integrity. We have assigned the Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee to develop a Code of Conduct Manual, enforced from September this year onward, representing a compilation of applicable codes and policies together with corporate governance best practices for the workforce to master and apply to their jobs. The CG Day 2018 activities promoted efforts for the Board, the management, senior executives, and the rank and file to manage THAI under strict compliance with corporate governance codes together with ethics and the code of conduct, while joining hands in anti-fraud efforts. To this end, the Board assigned the Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee to investigate the implementation approach of the Moral Organization Project so that THAI may successfully become a moral organization or “Moral THAI” by 2019-2020. And thanks to our joint promotional efforts for the culture of good governance in THAI, this year our excellence was recognized by the Thai Institute of Directors under the Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies 2018 assessment program, earned a five-star award from the National Corporate Governance Committee, which reiterated management practices that valued the display of responsibility to all stakeholders for sustainable growth. Each of us is prepared to do our best to once again turn THAI toward security and sustainability.